Products return and exchange conditions

6.1.     Goods shortage are removed, nonadherence goods are replaced, in accordance with the minister order 2001 m. June 29 d. order Nr. 217 “Dėl Daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklių patvirtinimo” approved by the return and exchange rules.

6.2.     Returning good quality products buyer must follow these conditions:

6.2.1.    Inform the seller about returnable good quality products within 14 days;

6.2.2.    Returned goods must be in original, undamaged packaging;

6.2.3.    Returned goods must be intact, undamaged, lost no merchantable apparience (intact labels, security pellicle, etc.);

6.2.4.    The returned item must be of the same completion as it was received by the buyer;

6.2.5.    Returning an item it is necessary to provide for the acquisition document (invoice, receipt);

6.2.6.    Eurofloros prekyba has the right not to accept returned goods if buyer fails to comply this article lays down the procedure for returning goods.

6.2.7.    Once the item is returned not because of the quality of the product and not the Eurofloros prekyba fault, the buyer bears the cost of return.

6.3.     Returnable goods the seller undertakes to withdraw within 7 days after receipt of the notification.

6.3.1.    Then returned bad quality item, Eurofloros prekyba undertakes to take such items and replace them with similar goods or return the money paid for the goods.

6.4.  The money is transferred to the buyer within 14 days after Eurofloros prekyba get notification about returned goods.

6.5.     Goods return and exchanges carried out in accordance with the Minister 2001 m. birželio 29 d. order Nr. 217 approved „Daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklėmis" and Minister of Economy 2001 m. rugpjūčio 17 d. order Nr. 258 approved „Daiktų pardavimo ir paslaugų teikimo, kai sutartys sudaromos naudojant ryšio priemones, taisyklėmis".