Terms and conditions of purchase

1.  General

1.1.     These e-shop rules, which were accepted by the Purchaser are legally binding document, outlining the Customer and Euroflora LTD (Euroflora)rights and obligations, the acquisition of goods and payment for them in terms of delivery and return procedures, both parties responsibilities and other provisions.

1.2.     Euroflora reserves the right at any time to modify, amen or supplement the rules, according to statutory requirements. About any changes, corrections or additions the Purchaser will be informed.

1.3.     Euroflora  online shop activities are carried out in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. Foreign trading carried out by a separate agreement, which does not relate to these rules.

1.4.     The right to purchase at Euroflora online store has:

1.4.1.    Individuals who are 18 or older,and have the power to enter a binding contract and not be barred from doing so under any applicable laws

1.4.2.    Minors from fourteen to eighteen years of age, only with parents or guardians permission, except when they dispose of their own income;

1.4.3.    Legal persons;

1.4.4.    In the above – mentioned persons authorized representatives.

2.  Buyer’s rights and obligations

2.1.     The buyer has the right to buy goods from Euroflora online store in accordance with these Regulations.

2.2.     The buyer has right to refuse to the terms and conditions of purchase and return goods purchased at Euroflora online store. Products are accepted if they have not been damaged or significantly changed its appearance, so it was not used. Returns and exchanges carried out on the basis of the Minister of Agriculture in 2001 29 June order No. 217 “Dėl daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklių patvirtinimo”for approved return and exchange rules.

2.3.     The buyer must pay for the goods and accept it according to the procedure laid down.

2.4.     The buyer undertakes not to transfer to the third parties his login information. If the buyer loses the data connection, Euroflora administration must be informed immediately by phone (8 5) 2705857 or e-mail eshop@euroflora.lt

2.5.     If there is change in the buyer registration form, the data must be immediately resumed.

2.6.     Buyer using Euroflora online store, undertakes to comply with these rules, other conditions clearly set out the online store and violate laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.  Seller’s rights and obligations

3.1.     Euroflora online shop have the discretion to determine the minimum size of the basket. This sum shall be visible reviewing your cart.

3.2.     If the buyer is trying to undermine the work of online stores stability and security or in breach of its obligations, Euroflora have the right to immediately and without notice to suspend or restrict access to the online shop or in extreme cases, eliminate the registration of the buyer.

3.3.     In the event of serious circumstances Euroflora may suspend or terminate the online store activities of this unannounced to Buyer.

3.4.     Euroflora has the right to cancel the order unannounced, if the buyer does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) working days.

3.5.     Euroflora agrees, in these rules and online store laid down conditions, to the buyer access online shop services.

3.6.     Euroflora is committed to deliver goods ordered by the buyer at his address, according to the chosen method of delivery.

3.7.     Euroflora on the important facts not being able to deliver ordered goods to the buyer, undertakes to offer similar item. If buyer refuses to accept this offer, Euroflora online store undertakes to return the money paid by the buyer within 7 (seven) working days, if the payment was made in advance.

3.8.     Euroflora is committed to respect the privacy of the buyers personal information, submitted in Euroflora online store registration form, except for the Ministry of Law and Rules on the protection of personal data for the cases.

4.  Payment methods

4.1.     The buyer can pay for the goods in one of the following ways:

4.1.1.    By cash. Goods will be ordered in www.euroflora.lt online store, the payment will be made at the time of the withdrawal in Viršuliškių g. 63, Vilnius store.

4.1.2.    Bank transfer. When paying for goods in this way Buyer must transfer the required amount of money to the one of the Euroflora bank accounts.

4.1.3.    paysera.lt system. Using this option buyer is directed to paysera.lt site, where buyer can select from the existing payment methods.

4.1.4.    when Euroflora receives the payment, except 4.1.1., then starts to prepare the order and count delivery time.

4.2.     In Euroflora online store the prices of goods are in EURO with VAT.

4.3.     The buyer in “My Orders” link on the “Account PDF” can see and print bill. In the invoice buyer can see goods, their content, offered discounts, the final price of the goods and all taxes, including delivery charges.

5.  Delivery conditions

5.1.     When buyer chooses delivery service, buyer must specify correct delivery address.

5.2.     The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In case where buyer can not accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the provided address, the buyer has no right to express dissatisfaction for delivery.

5.3.     The goods are delivered by Euroflora employees or its authorized representatives.

5.4.     To Lithuanian cities ( except Neringa) goods are delivered according to a fixed 5,00 EUR fee, if provided amount in excess of 100,00 EUR, delivery is free of charge.

5.4.1. To the Neringa region delivery costs 70 EUR. For the delivery please contact by e-mail eshop@euroflora.lt.

5.5.     Delivery conditions:

5.5.1.    Flowers can be delivered the same day, but payment must be made (and approved) before the 12 h;

5.5.2.    Other products after payment is delivered within 5 -7 (five – seven) working days;

5.5.3.    The cost of delivery is 5,00 EUR

5.5.4.    Free delivery is ordering goods for 100,00 EUR and more.

5.5.5.    During each delivery, the Buyer is contacted for convenient delivery time.

5.5.6.    Delivery for the territory out of Republic of Lithuania is carried out by separate agreement.

5.6.     Euroflora is committed to deliver goods under the conditions specified in these rules. These conditions are not applied in cases where Euroflora do not have goods in warehouse and the buyer is informed about this shortage. The buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

5.7.     In all cases Euroflora is exempted from liability for breach of terms of delivery, if the goods are not submitted to the Buyer at the time due to the fault of the buyer.

5.8.     On the delivery buyer and Euroflora courier must check the status of package. The buyer signing the invoice it is considered that the package has been delivered in proper condition. Noticing that the delivered package is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the buyer must note it on invoice and write an act of infringement of the lot. If purchaser fails to make these actions, the Euroflora is exempted from liability for goods damages.

6.  Products return and exchange conditions

6.1.     Goods shortage are removed, nonadherence goods are replaced, in accordance with the minister order 2001 m. June 29 d. order Nr. 217 “Dėl Daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklių patvirtinimo” approved by the return and exchange rules.

6.2.     Returning good quality goods buyer must follow these conditions:

6.2.1.    Inform the seller about returnable good quality goods within 14 days;

6.2.2.    Returned goods must be in original, undamaged packaging;

6.2.3.    Returned goods must be intact, undamaged, lost no merchantable apparience (intact labels, security pellicle, etc.);

6.2.4.    The returned item must be of the same completion as it was received by the buyer;

6.2.5.    Returning an item it is necessary to provide for the acquisition document (invoice, receipt);

6.2.6.    Euroflora has the right not to accept returned goods if buyer fails to comply this article lays down the procedure for returning goods.

6.2.7.    Once the item is returned not because of the quality of the product and not the Euroflora fault, the buyer bears the cost of return.

6.3.     Returnable goods the seller undertakes to withdraw within 7 days after receipt of the notification.

6.3.1.    Then returned bad quality item, Euroflora undertakes to take such items and replace them with similar goods or return the money paid for the goods.

6.4.  The money is transferred to the buyer within 14 days after Euroflora get notification about returned goods.

6.5.     Goods return and exchanges carried out in accordance with the Minister 2001 m. birželio 29 d. order Nr. 217 approved „Daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklėmis" and Minister of Economy 2001 m. rugpjūčio 17 d. order Nr. 258 approved „Daiktų pardavimo ir paslaugų teikimo, kai sutartys sudaromos naudojant ryšio priemones, taisyklėmis".

7.     Product quality guarantee and shelf life

7.1.     General features of each item is indicated in the product description.

7.2.     Euroflora is not responsible for the fact that the products in online store by color, shape and their parameters may not match actual product size, shape and color of the buyer used computer monitor features.

7.3.      Actual product may vary slightly from the one in picture, or there may be parts in the picture that are not included in the product.

7.4.     In the case where Euroflora does not provide quality guarantee is valid for the relevant legislation.

8.  Protection of personal data

8.1.     Customer in order to make a purchase at Euroflora online store must register by entering a username and password. By registering the buyer also enters the delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address. By confirming to these rules, buyer agrees that to his email address will be sent the communications necessary to process order, contracts, rebates, and solve problems related to the order, return. Euroflora confirms that the data will be used solely for the sale of goods in online store. Euroflora commit not to reveal the data to third parties except for Euroflora partners providing delivery to the buyer. In all other cases to third parties any buyer’s personal information may be disclosed only to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.2.     For statistical purposes is managed just the data related to the buyers purchased goods.

8.3.     If the buyer does not wish to receive direct marketing messages, registering must mark the box “I do not agree that my personal data will be managed for direct marketing”. Pointed out that if the buyer agrees to receive direct marketing messages but want to give up such reports, he can at his account in “my personal information” or inform mail support eshop@euroflora.lt

8.4.     Buyer must provide full, complete and correct information about himself in registration form.

8.5.     Buyer has the following rights:

8.5.1.    To know and be informed about the processing of his personal data;

8.5.2.    Get information on the source and what personal data collected, for what purpose they are processed, what data was provided to beneficiaries and to provide;

8.5.3.    Require correction, deletion of personal data or suspend the processing of personal data, when the data are processed in breach of Personal Data Protection Act and their legislative provisions, except as provided in the rules;

8.5.4.    To object to the processing of his personal data, in which case the buyer has nor access to the goods and / or services online store www.euroflora.lt

8.6.     Euroflora is a registered personal data manager at the State Personal Data Inspectorate.

9.  Responsibility

9.1.     The buyer is fully responsible for the information submitted in registration form. If the buyer fails to provide accurate data on the registration form Eurflora is not responsible for the ensuing consequences.

9.2.     Buyer is responsible for all acts performed by using Euroflora online store.

9.3.     Buyer is responsible for his login information transmission to third parties. If third party is using the online store with buyer login information, this person is a buyer.

9.4.     Euroflora exempt from liability in case of loss arises from the fact that the buyer regardless of Euroflora recommendations and their commitment, uneducated with these rules, even though that option was granted.

9.5.     If Euroflora online store contains links to other companies, organizations or individuals websites, Euroflora is nt responsible for the information contained therein, or the activities of those web sites neglect, and over those companies and individuals represented.

9.6.     In case of damage the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for direct damages.

10.  Euroflora marketing tools

10.1.  Euroflora its sole discretion may initiate an online store various campaigns.

10.2.  Euroflora have the right to unilaterally and without notice to change the conditions of the shares, as well as remove them. Any shares in terms of procedures or the exemption applies only to the front, from the moment of their renewal.

11.  Exchange of information

11.1.  Euroflora sends all the messages f the buyer registration form by e-mail.

11.2.  Buyer all the messages and questions sends in Euroflora online store “Contacts” mentioned contacts.

12.  Final provisions

12.1.  These rules enable compliance with the Lithuanian legislation.

12.2.  These rules apply to relations arising from the Ministry of law.

12.3.  All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing agreement the Republic of Lithuania shall be settled according to the law.